808 + 303 = HELL YES

Or 1,111 for literal people. Anyway, I don't know who this dude is who posts all these youtube videos of classic and/or obscure early house tracks set to a vaguely frightening animation of a CGI bimbo in a red bikini boogieing down in what appears to be some kind of psychedelic underwater chamber, but damn! My man's got some records.

Maurice - "I Gotta Big Dick"

For REAL. If anyone's got a spare copy of that, let me know. What an archive! We're just looking at the iceberg tip here. There are 143 of these videos (and counting), not including the tracks Pzar posted before he standardized his visual aesthetic. Check out the breakdown on this one:

Adonis - "Acid Poke"

It seems like most or all of these records are from '88 and '89, which were the years when dance music first became an international phenomenon. There's something glorious about how amateurish and formulaic the jams from that era are. It's like robot punk rock: instead of three chords through a cheap overdriven amp, with coarse melodies and impudent chants, it's a pumping 4/4 beat through a bunch of Roland presets, with choppy samples and synthy squiggles. One struggles in vain to think of a more perfect sound.

Bad Boy Bill - "Acid Sexx"

In the time period celebrated in this collection, there was briefly a subgenre of acid house called New Beat, which I'd actually never heard of until browsing Pzar's youtube channel. Pretty badass stuff:

Fatal Error - "Fatal Error"

This is why I love the internet. Whatever reservations I may have about this extremely repetitive image (though her hair color does change occasionally), it's as familiar and as legitimate to me as bottom-left-corner captions and annoying VJ's on MTV. Or as they used to be, anyway.

Taste of Sugar - "Golden Shower"

When basically every "music channel" on television has degenerated into an endless procession of talking heads who think they're really funny but who are NOT FUCKING FUNNY GODDAMMIT, this guy is practically a visionary. What a privilege, to hear these unfamiliar tracks.

Cool House "Rock This Party Right (Fast Eddie's Raw Mix)"

Pzar, whoever and wherever you are, I salute you. Thanks, bro.


  1. this reminds me of adriano canzian

  2. awesome post. i came across one of these the other day but i had no idea there are so many. they are strangely, and disturbingly, hypnotic...

  3. yeah, that "The Poke" track is ridiculous in how simple and awesome it is. i wish more modern producers did it like that. there's a couple: jamal moss, omar-s, etc, but there's definitely room for many more. simple really is better, especially when it's raw as hell.